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Bearing housing, no. 2-6 3184015

Brand: VOLVO
Product Code: 3184015
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VOLVO Bearing housing, no. 2-6 3184015

Product Code:3184015
Availability:Contact US
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Bearing housing, no. 2-6 Details
Engine model: TAD1640GE,TAD1641GE,TAD1642GE,TWD1643GE,TWD1652GE,TWD1653GE,TWD1663GE,TAD1641VE,TAD1642VE,TAD1650VE,TAD1660VE,TAD1661VE,TAD1662VE,TAD1640VE-B,TAD1641VE-B,TAD1642VE-B,TAD1643VE-B,TAD1670VE,TAD1671VE,TAD1672VE,TWD1672GE,TWD1673GE
remarks When replacing one or more bearing houses the first time, all of the bearing houses must be replaced. Then each bearing house can be replaced separat
Item Part Name Part No.
4 Bearing housing, no. 2-6 3184015
VOLVO Bearing housing, no. 2-6 3184015 Drawing

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