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Flange screw 20412340

Brand: VOLVO
Product Code: 20412340
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VOLVO Flange screw 20412340

Product Code:20412340
Availability:Contact US
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Flange screw Details
Engine model: EC135B,EC140B,EC140D,EC160D,EC180D,EC240B,EC290B,ECR145D,EW140D,G700B MODELS,L110E,L120E,L40,L45,L45G,L50G,L60G,L70G,L90G,P4370B,P6870/5870/5770C ABG,PT220,SD110,SD110B,SD115,SD135
Item Part Name Part No.
24 Flange screw 20412340
VOLVO Flange screw 20412340 Drawing

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