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Frequently Questions
1. How to make sure that the quality meets our demand?
All parts and components we supply are from regular supplier with good strength, long history, deep influence and their products are precision made of superior material. The producing procedure is very strict so there seldom comes up with quality problem.
2. How to deal with the shortage of goods?
None or short of stock may occur since we deal with kinds of machinery parts. We will contact you in case of back order and will general do as followed:
①      We give a clear indication of delivery time in web and will inform you the exact delivery time and price once your order has been placed.
②      We will suggest you choose original or other replacement if delivery time of the ordered goods is long or unsure.
③      Cancel the order.
3. How to deal with not receiving goods after payment?
We will keep you informed about the status of order by Email or short massage, or you can get your order information from web by providing your personal information, contact information, order number. Etc.
Not receive the goods in a long time? Please call +86 139 6028 5027 for order status by supplying order number.
4. How to deal with quality problems?
Please refer to our after service stipulation and consult our customer service if there is any quality problem, we will provide solutions to your satisfactory.
5. How to deal with the situation that customers are not able to pay the balance?
The orders will be cancelled after 20 working days beyond delivery date, and then we will ask for compensation.